Refrigerated Trucking in Windsor

In Windsor, there is no one more qualified to ship your temperature-sensitive goods than WN Trucking INC. Our fleet of trucks is fitted with digitally synthesized temperature-stabilizing technology that gives us more temperature control than ever during transportation. Whether you need to ship food, medical supplies, chemicals, or perishable goods, we are the region’s top refrigerated trucking company.

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Great Rates on Temperature-Controlled Trucking

We operate a large fleet of refrigerated, insulated, and temperature-controlled trucks and trailers. When you call us for a quote and provide us with the necessary information about your freight, we will match you with the right vehicle for the job. Our refrigerated trailers are designed with top-of-the-line cooling units that can maintain a stable temperature through external temperature changes.

So, how do we keep our rates so low? By constantly investing in up-to-date technology and keeping our vehicles in pristine condition. Every vehicle that hits the road undergoes regular inspections to ensure that they are functioning at optimal levels. We take enormous pride in boasting about the money we have saved by reducing delays and hold-ups. And we always pass those savings down to our customers.

Refrigerated Freight That Must Arrive Intact

We got into this business with the knowledge that there is a lot at stake in refrigerated trucking. And we take that responsibility very seriously. Not only do we perform regular inspections on our trucks, but we also offer our clients a guarantee that their perishable goods will arrive in the condition they departed in.

We put all our drivers through a rigorous training program before they hit the road. There, they learn how to use our data-driven temperature-control technologies and how to troubleshoot issues while on the road. We make sure that they know their rigs inside and out so that you can rest easy knowing your shipment will arrive in perfect condition.

The Refrigerated Trucking Company That Delivers On-Time, Every Time

And not just perfect condition either: our drivers also understand the importance of delivering your shipments according to schedule. That doesn’t mean they will sacrifice their own or anyone else’s safety. But they go to great lengths to ensure that your order is received at its planned time.

The drivers on our team also take advantage of our advanced data-driven scheduling system. We can view their stats and timelines from our dispatch office, and the drivers can view them from their cab. With more knowledge comes greater organizational capacity. And with better organization, comes more efficiency. All of which leads to the simple fact: when we say we’re going to be there, we’re going to be there.

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If you need a temperature-controlled transportation service to ship perishable goods throughout Windsor or around the country, we are your number one choice. And if you’re still not sure, give us a call. Our experienced customer care agents will be happy to assist you with any information you need.